Why not now?

A rockin’ yogini that I have admired since stumbling upon her Youtube videos Sadie Nardini is a feisty and creative teacher who, like many a person compelled to share what they love, posts tips and inspirational anecdotes online to share with followers. I came upon a post on her Facebook page about getting into a hand stand (a personal goal of mine) that I have yet to hold completely independent in the middle of a room without a wall. I was less interested in the video she shared which IS cute and comical here  and more interested in her written thoughts accompanying it.

About hand stands – 1st, why would anyone doing yoga care about doing a hand stand? Is it gymnastic? Is it just a way to show off your strength? Relevant thoughts but as I’ve progressed through various asanas that require unparalleled arm/ upper body strength and conditioning, I have found there’s no better way than to hold hand stand in a safe and accurate way, with full awareness on one’s breath. It develops strength and encourages real breakthroughs in muscle tone and being able to hold other poses, especially arm balances.

Back to Sadie. What did she have to say? Succinctly this, “YOGIS: HANDSTAND ISSUES? THIS MIGHT HELP. I often get asked how long it takes to master the handstand. The time varies per person, but one way to think about the process is this: It took you years to learn to stand on your feet. Same with your hands. It’s a journey of strengthening, balance and understanding how to maintain integrity over the goal.” She has some gems of wisdom that pop up in her postings, this one being the most recent to strike a chord with me.

As an aspiring teacher, I have come to realize that each struggle I deal with in the short or long term is a gift to unlocking compassion for myself and those who will come to me as students of yoga. The more I can empathize with someone the better I can help them reach a goal. I still struggle with the hand stand, even after the “yoga boot camp” I just had the fortune to complete. It’s okay right?

And by the way, we all get into situations when we ask “Why isn’t this happening for me right now?” especially when we end up taking a fall and looking like yours truly in the middle of a park.Image But I had went for it. And if you’re asking yourself, “Why not now?” There’s a reason that will be revealed to you if you’re willing to open up. Hope to see you doing hand stands like a pro really soon!


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