Electric impulse

Going from impulse to impulse like lights responding to a flick of the switch on the same circuit makes a mockery of the gift of human reasoning. It’s like being on auto pilot. Graduating to giving in to positive impulses after a long, heartfelt study of one’s own nature, on the other hand, can lend itself to simple delights. Hence these little ideological whispers that float into my mind like, “you suddenly have a craving to whip up a smoothie!” I want to be a graduate of positive impulse 101 – so if I have the time and the resources, why would I try to get rid of this idea?

Trucking myself downstairs, I saw a banana and 2 apples sitting in the fruit basket. I knew that I had yet unused soy vanilla yoghurt in the fridge and mummy-in-law keeps cinnamon in the cupboard. Voila! Image

You have these currents of ‘need to do’ flowing through yourself ~~~ electric energy that needs an outlet. They can influence the mind to encourage you to do things beyond reason and outside the spectrum you see as yourself. Whether it’s as small as making a smoothie, or desperately wanting a nap, a trip to the shops, a new hair color, your ego will never dissolve its constant yammering. So I have challenged myself to not only enjoy and respond to some of the positive impulses, but to also quit trying to ignore them. I want to celebrate positive action without negative reaction. And drink my smoothie too 🙂


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