Choose your own practice

You have to love Youtube. Today was a hit of a day for reconnecting to my mat and needing some yoga that could be done in a confined space. Enter Chaz Rough who does a podcast about yoga and posts his videos for free on Youtube. Ranging in length from 5 minutes to 30ish minutes, he has subscribers write in with ideas for how yoga can help them in an area of life.

Do you remember those ‘Choose your own adventure’ type books? Whatever your heart’s desire, just go to that page… well yoga on Youtube, especially yoga ‘classes’ shot in less than full hour segments, can end up being like that. With Chaz Rough’s videos, I chose three for my own practice today and was very satisfied given the following conditions:

1. limited space (between two beds and a dresser)

2. Rainy autumn day – not viable to practice outdoors

3. Doldrums – rain had gotten me down!

So enter Emotional Healing Yoga to start the class. Since I knew I’d be doing Shavasana at the end of my practice today, I forwent that til the last of the 3 videos. Second up was Spiritual Flow to some Gregorian chants that wasn’t over the top, also introducing me to dancing Shiva pose. And finally a Focus Flow which I had been struggling with til today. A bit of fear of flying post yoga t/t… I really needed a style and teacher albeit online that could re engage my interest and motivation.
Thanks Chaz! I am now a subscriber and hope to enjoy more of ‘choose your own practice’ type Youtube yoga video hopping in the near future.

To top it all off, I ended with a few ‘problem poses’ no…. ‘goal poses’ that I am still a newbie at. Triumphant success in tripod headstand! So whatever your practice is today or tomorrow, remember to keep eyes on your own mat (mindfulness) and know that improvement is just around the corner.

trust me, I do possess two working feet 🙂


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