Be reasonable

A promise I made to myself for the foreseeable future (say 2 weeks) and one with which I hope to empower those around me. It can be quite fulfilling to accomplish something in a short, attainable time frame and let that motivation propel one into longer distance success. That is what teachers bank on in terms of quizzes, doing well on a quiz and keeping students’ interested and engaged all the while actually preparing for a final exam. So, I put this on the Soul Flow Vinyasa Facebook page in terms of a question:

Making reasonable promises… for modest accomplishments… leading to attainable contentment. What can you do to fulfill this one day at a a time?

I said that “I can do yoga (in terms of asana) 1 hour every day til the 25th of October [cue excuses] to really power through and learn this vinyasa flow inside and out for my first ever free community yoga class. Looking forward to delivering for whomever comes to have a great class,”

It’s true! I have laid out in stone that I want this free community class to give its participants a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and leave them feeling interested and wanting to do more yoga practice.

Reasonable goals for attainable contentment. It’s possible.


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