Inside Flow Yoga

At Inside Flow Yoga, in Germany, is a teacher that I found through researching a course that a Korean teacher I know offered in Seoul. I found a few Youtube videos, namely a few about martial arts training and a demo of Inside Flow from their Youtube Channel. I took a few of the classes that mesh dance, modern music and yoga while in Jinju, Korea from Jo Hye Young at Bobby Hot Yoga. Really enjoying them, I was thirsty for more and hope to somehow get teacher training from them as they do offer the 300+ Yoga Alliance hours. However doing it in English would be the challenge! Learning German to study yoga? Lots of people learn English to study yoga…I learned Korean vastly by attending classes and listening to an instructor.

Here is a Google translation that I pieced together of the Young-Ho Kim biography (the link is in German). “It’s only yoga” – with these words and his outstanding [hours] Young-Ho Kim inspires throughout Germany, as well as international participants with his yoga. The years of extensive yoga  training and experience in Far Eastern relaxation methods draw the trainers of absolute specialists in this field. In his classes Young-Ho Kim gives to his particular brand of passion of ease the communication between the mind and body, in addition to physical challenges efforts for release and relaxation. […] He picks up his companions and takes them from where they are through a journey of self.

Young-Ho grew up in South Korea, the martial art of Taekwondo, Zen Buddhism and other Asian philosophies and teacher trainings accompanied him from childhood. Inner balance through intense body work, that is his belief that he’s propagated worldwide through his work as a coach and speaker. “

***END BIO***

His yoga is so seamless and unique to me that I felt compelled to share it with a passerby to this entry. Yoga is just getting started in Colchester via a half dozen or so, that I have found, passionate teachers each bringing their own approach. A few students who have come to the Gym and registered have said, “Oh my other yoga teacher was…’ and I knew the name. It’s good to connect the community and appreciate the style of others. This sort of yoga has influenced me, in particular the visual aspect of yoga as an expression of the body, a martial ‘art’. and the way it can be creatively woven together in yoga asana to present a mind body connection that centers and grounds the individual in a moving meditation.

Enjoy Inside Flow Yoga! Or come see me for a community centre, home yoga or gym yoga class. Namaste!





2 thoughts on “Inside Flow Yoga

  1. I’m in Korea now looking into becoming certified in Inside flow yoga. And I’m coming across similar obstacles I don’t speak Korean or German. How did you get certified? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Tiffany – happy belated Christmas;), I’m not actually certified in Inside Flow Yoga. I just really like it and studied it under a teacher of mine Jo Hye Young at Bobby Hot Yoga in Jinju. She learned it from Nadia (Lee Seung A_ who knows some people here I reckon (don’t quote me on that) I have been in contact with this German studio and all classes are taught in German. It would be great though if we could get it in English, it’s a beautiful practice. 🙂

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