We are slowly but surely coming part of the WordPress community. Reaching out also through Twitter at my personal account and out has brought nothing but joy and been rewarding. Some people dearest (not nearest at the moment due to a whole ocean!) have expressed interest in a YouTube Channel and mini instructional videos. Ever one to rise to a challenge, this one last remaining giant of Social Media looms ahead as a personal nerve inspiring activity. People can be so mean on YT! So the incentive set forth is a “like” drive on Facebook. If our page can reach 100 likes by Midnight this Saturday I’ll do a video. I think this could be a really awesome way to get
People who “know” me but are uncomfortable with yoga into trying it. Somehow being a vehicle for change can get others to see yoga in a way that I do. Not “I”… Us. There’s lots of us and it’s more fun when we’re in it together. Positive vibes and likability. Please, sacrifice one extra click on your mouse. And help spread the likes of yoga today. Follow the link at our side bar. Here’s to doing one thing each day that scares you (ahem – that would NOT be the like that scares you). It is being open and responding to a request that may seem daunting but giving it a go.

20121113-025529 PM.jpg


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