To a wedding fayre we go!

So in England they spell fair F-A-Y-R-E? This isn’t a spelling lesson… just curious. A few of the colleagues at The Gym Colchester are going to a wedding fayre to promote their Personal Training businesses. As I will be at the Gym all day this coming Sunday (members come see me xo) they have kindly offered to take some flyers to the bustling brides to be and see if they will be interested in booking some yoga packages. I got married in early July of 2011 and had been doing yoga at Bobby Hot Yoga in Korea for more than a year prior to that, in conjunction with my own personal practice that started in high school 10 years ago. I can’t think of a better way to manage stress, have fun and get fit before a wedding. Having done it myself and now a yoga teacher, I feel a special affinity to ladies who are going to walk down the aisle. I hope I get a chance to help them and share their journey.

Back of postcard flyer


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