What do you see?

What is the first word that comes to mind upon gazing at this photograph? (Please… let us know by responding in the comments section). Perhaps do it before reading further…
















I don’t know who to give credit for this picture. It was shared on Facebook by a great yoga teacher I used to know. I am going to pair it with this story from Yoga Diagnostics on obtaining what you envision by simply getting through it.

So what words came to mind? “Ouch!” — “Zen to the extreme!” “They’re just young…” Or perhaps a modern take, “They seem to be really in the zone.”

What inspired me to piece this together was the people I see at the Gym where I work coming in to the Gym, walking through the door with their eyes glued to their cell phone, earphones and music blasting (that’s fair enough maybe they don’t like The Gym’s soundtrack) and then running on a treadmill or doing a round of weights. This is by no means knocking this kind of fitness training. I do it, too. But there’s another side of fitness and it’s yoga. It’s about ‘getting to that zone’ not just by doing awe inspiring positions like these boys. I think their faces say it all, they’ve gone somewhere inside themselves to attain that outer grace. They didn’t need an iPhone or anything to do it. (Again, disclaimer, I’m a modern techno junkie like the rest of us, but I need to turn off, probably more so than the average Joe).

I have encountered nameless, countless people who say ‘yoga isn’t for me’ with an empty look of denial because they don’t know what it is. I am determined and excited to show them what it is, all the while staying excited and interested in other kinds of fitness because being fit is holistic, not one sided.

Holistically, I hope you approve this message.


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