Disclaimer: only read if you enjoy being happy

Here’s an exercise to try. It’s not for everyone, because the results will make you SMILE!  So, if you dislike anything related to happiness or joy stop reading now.

Grab a pencil or pen and make sure it’s clean. Put it in your mouth so that the eraser or end of the pen and the pencil’s lead or ball of the pen are at each corner of your mouth. You can even use your pointer finger.

Gently clench your jaw so as to grip the pen/pencil with your lips.

Go to the nearest mirror, or if you’ve an iPhone/ smart phone take a picture of yourself.

What do you see? An awkward grimace? No, those are your face’s muscles trying to SMILE! The corners of your lip go up. Are you laughing/smiling now because you’re really happy or are you happy because you are smiling/laughing? (And you look AWESOME with that pencil/pen/finger).









Yours truly…feel free to reblog, Facebook, or share your smiling picture and let the world get more full of smiles starting….NOW!

Can't talk, busy smiling

Can’t talk, busy smiling


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