Uncertainly, admittedly shallow

“You’re not a man, you shouldn’t act like one.”

“I wish you’d see what others see of you in the first 30 seconds… close your eyes, open them quickly before your mind kicks in with all its judging.”

“You need to treat yourself.”

All of the above, hints from my husband that I may be taking this extreme budgeting a bit toooooooooooo far?

I am a pronounced ‘girly girl’ when it comes to the mani/pedi and liking to keep my hair cut nicely. I have been so wrapped up in being a good business woman/simplistic yoga teacher that I have been cutting back and avoiding any of what have recently been deemed ‘temptations’ in my book and what used to be well-deserved treats and routine maintenance that readily were looked forward to.

I really loved the comment about seeing what others see in the 1st 30 seconds. What do you see when you look at something, anything in the first raw moments?

Sometimes, going so deeply in one direction can remove the lighthearted essence that can only be obtained by not being so serious and treading lightly on surface layers. Yoga teaches one to go deep, focus and connect inside. I want my practice to sustain me and I do often lose ‘myself’ in it, but every now and again a ‘modern’ voice shines through asking if I haven’t just gone and lost so much that coming back toward the surface may be warranted for a breath of fresh air.

Wanting to share that thought with the open blog world, I will pose a question and be oh-so-excited if anyone shares a response/comment. When have you felt that being a little ‘shallow’ is appropriate/necessary? (Let’s be honest – TLC in terms of beauty care isn’t always seen in the nicest of ways, people create labels and judge…)

Just like in  a handstand, crane pose, any arm balance in asana, finding that inner balance and checking in is so important or you lose all the ground you’ve gained.

I’m happy to have been given all these thoughts today and gone through the processes of working through them.



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