Guru mountain

I’m cracking my knuckles and doing a nice arm stretch overhead with fingers interlaced, looking to the right and left like someone at a ping pong match. This is usually what happens when a compulsion to write overtakes me, it’s been an affliction of sorts appearing like mini series in my life on and off since I did work for a newspaper near my high school.

Just recently, I noticed Facebook has been asking a lot of different questions for its status update box. (What’s happening, how are you feeling etc) and other people have noticed too because there have been status updates about that as well.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at home, with a puppy who joined our family about 3 weeks ago and a husband who has 20 days paid vacation from a nice company he’s been with nigh on 3 months. Luck luck luck! But all this ‘home’ time, between cleaning, cooking, holidays there’s still a lot of time left in the day. We even broke down and got a 30 day free membership to Netfllix and have massacred a few days watching commercial free EVERYTHING we can get our hands on, from Chapelle’s Show to documentaries about Queen Victoria.

When I joined the yoga teaching world / fitness community I knew right away that December would be a slow period. But being on the side of an industry that relies on wanting to share your joy with people who may not be ready/not get it/ be interested or WANT to but just not enough to pay for it is A LOT harder than I expected. I also know that if I knew how hard it’d be, I probably never would have had the guts to do it. I feel something “dwelling in possibility” as Emily Dickinson wrote, and it’s the few dark hours before the big storm (in a good business booming way) hits. What brings to mind is that part of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians where they’re waiting for Perdita to have the puppies and Pongo and his owner are just in that little house in England, stormy weather,wet, rainy and staring at the clock.

What am I really trying to say? The art of expressing myself in a direct way was never a strength, like speaking my mind…I’ll go through fifty roundabouts much like an English road before arriving at my destination. I found, as usual, a few of those random artistic pictures with beautiful quotes that say it better than I ever could. Because I don’t like to feel, at times, that life is just an existence, I choose to believe there’s a lesson in each moment although I may not cotton on to what that lesson is at this time. I do know that I’m struggling, like everyone, to do “it”… obviously involving my new life venture of teaching yoga, but also moving that next mountain.

I hope that in the new year, those Soul Flow Vinyasa students, supporters, followers and wider community both on and off line find the strength and fortitude to learn from each guru moment and focus on the present, drawing inward and focusing, rather than scattering too far ahead. Namaste.Picture 10 tumblr_m931yaVhZd1qc1oh8o1_500


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