Innie or Outtie?

In my years of doing yoga/ and months of teaching yoga, I have seen different bodies do lots of beautiful expressions of movement through asana. A few years ago when my yoga practice reached a new level of ‘hardcore’ a teacher corrected my foot flexion. She said, “Don’t point! Press the balls of your feet out, strengthen your arches…let your toes spread out.” Having a bit of background from dancing, my hips also turned out a bit as my feet would point.

At the moment I have a budding community of beginning yoga students eager to learn. This has come up early in their practice of yoga, whereas I had to found out about it much later. Here is a nice article that explains the mechanism of the foot flexing/extending in the practice of yoga.

I have noticed a marked improvement in my balance, my feet no longer go numb or cold from suffering from bad circulation (people used to comment on my purple toes!) and I find I enjoy the freedom to have bare feet and move them in correct correlation to a yoga asana. If I go back to my ‘old’ ways, I can feel my body moving toward an injurious mistake that would not serve any purpose.

Happy reading on that article. And here’s to growing as a yoga practitioner.


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