Where would you like your bruises today?

Experimenting with knee placement in Bakasana (Crane/Crow) Pose. Finding that I can get my body in tighter with my knees down the forearms a bit. Yet see the beginner advice from Yoga Journal.

Picture 19





Can you see the difference in these two examples? In this first one knees are closer into armpits. Smelly bruises when pressing arms and legs into each other. Engage your pelvic floor and “lift” it, navel into spine, chin gently tucked and eyes on the floor. Curling the fingers slightly to dispel wrist compression. Arching the feet comes later after you’re actually off the floor….

Picture 16

Picture 18





















In the example above my knees are back on my arms more toward the elbows. I can engage mulabhanda and uddyana bandha easily and my fingers uncurl, interestingly enough, this squeezing of my abs and bum and legs/feet going up toward my bum take compression out my the wrists.  Bruises lower toward the elbows tomorrow! Zing!

And now to enjoy my coffee, you see in the picture…the proverbial carrot on a fishing line.


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