Open book

Today I revisited a DVD I’d been training with over the summer by Sadie Nardini. It’s downloadable and about 40 minutes long set against a beautiful desert background. Working a lot with the psoas muscle and not tensing in the hip creases, it’s to do with belly transformation. One of the stretches she lead us through is demonstrated by me here:


Be an open book

Be an open book











Most are familiar with side plank, it’s also done in pilates during leg lifts where you lay on one side and have tour legs long, aligned one on top of the other along the mat. One arm is on the ground, forearm parallel to the front of the mat. Cross the top leg over and plant the foot of the top leg on the earth above the knee of the grounded leg. Raise your hip to the sky and press your hips forward, relaxing your tailbone and keeping navel to spine/pelvic floor engaged. I’ve got a neck injury so I look down and have a nice side neck stretch too. Don’t mind my toe — the ‘yoga’ of having the balls of my feet pressed out was lost when I felt so good in this stretch. Extend the ungrounded arm overhead and straighten it, but don’t let it jerk your shoulder – extend on the inhales. Sadie says this stretch feels a bit pigeon like in the hip area, and if you get the hip/knee squeeze correct it’s somewhat true.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about this pose on either side of your body. Email Namaste.


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