On the way down

I am hungry. Sometimes my yoga appetite is ravenous, like on days like today. With the excitement of having ready access to more than a few well-run, quality yoga studios during my trip home to Grand Rapids, Michigan, yoga has been on my mind. It always is, but when you get REALLY hungry for something it growls in the pit of your tummy.

As an avid follower of all the yoga poses, yoga studios, yoga teachers and everything popular on Facebook (cue beautiful yoga pose with inspiring quote) I go back and forth between voyeurism of other people’s beautiful asana, an undignified offense that we are all being a bit ‘showy’ and pure admiration and inspiration to take my practice further into something more advanced.

There appeared a quote that said, “Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.” Rather similar to “Life’s about the journey not the destination”. I get that. And it’s true!

I watched a video of a “scorpion flow” that helped visualize and finalize the connection  between wanting to do and able to do. Today, I can jump back to chutarunga from crow (Bakasana) and in this lovely “Scorpion flow training”  with a beautiful soundtrack, I was The shoulder rotation has always got me. Shoulders getting stronger and the slow flow aspect of the video really allow you to see which way it’s going.

What are you hungry for today? What hammer of inspiration has struck you on the head? Go get it!

Soul Flow Vinyasa Yoga, Alexis RYT 200

Soul Flow Vinyasa Yoga, Alexis RYT 200


2 thoughts on “On the way down

  1. Soooo great to have met you this snowy afternoon amd great website! Welcome back home and I hope to see you again in class!

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