Ask yourself a question: “Why do I breathe?”

Synonymous with, “Why are we here?” For someone walking the path of yoga, for myself at least, especially after watching a recent documentary, the question “Why do I breathe?” applies.

Filled with insights from a few names I know from the yogasphere coupled with some introductions to other teachers/practitioners I plan to learn more about, the documentary “Why We Breathe” is an approximately 50 minute ‘chat’ about what keeps humans coming back to yoga time and again.

If you like receiving knowledge and just taking time to sit back and listen to some well thought out words on the matter of yoga, this unobtrusive, inoffensive and informative documentary is well worth a watch.

As I sat watching it, I thought to myself, I’d like to itemize each speaker’s monologue and listen to only what each of them has to say without the breakup and fragmentation throughout the documentary. That would be my prerogative and a nerdy yoga person project for another time, and the director and producer obviously had a vision to offer splices of insight through various cuts to different speakers. Rightly so, given our social media short circuiting attention spans.

Keep your eyes and ears wide open for “Why We Breathe” — stream it now for free at the link provided in the second paragraph of this post. Namaste!


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