Energy flows where attention goes

Riding the karmic vibes from World Yoga Day 2013, Soul Flow Vinyasa Yoga is throwing its energy behind another yoga event and philanthropic endeavor. International Women’s Day Get Together through Oxfam International will influence all types of events being held in communities in the coming days to raise money for women in need. The promotional materials are free, such as balloons, donation boxes and coasters to serve the refreshments on for your get together. I didn’t order too many promotional packets to reduce unnecessary paper usage, but everything is made from recycled material.

Our own event, available here: International Woman’s Day yoga celebration has as of the time this blog is published, 13 tickets left available for purchase. Any level of yoga student from absolute beginner to weathered yogi/yogini is welcome to attend. By purchasing a ticket, you are admitted to the class and a portion of the class’s profits will be contributed to the nominated cause. In addition, Soul Flow Vinyasa Yoga and two as yet unnamed volunteers have Oxfam donation boxes that will be available throughout Colchester in the coming week. All anonymous donations dropped into these boxes will be added to the donation total.

As a side note, if you can’t make it to the event but know someone in or around Colchester interested, please feel free to forward on the details. Share and care, yoga people, share and care. Namaste!7797071908_e2de88315b_b


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