Contained in this life

After the Easter Holiday is over and the beautiful images of people commemorating and celebrating their faiths around the world have slowed down a bit, a sunny day has blossomed in our corner of England. I have definitely been more looking forward to a sunny day, ANY sunny day, even more than a long holiday weekend due to Easter. I focus more on what is in front of me and experiential most times, not to say that grace and beauty of the unknown does not have a lingering presence.

What I mean is as this long winter, my first in England draws to a close, the things I begin to hope for and want have taken a decidedly tangible, containable and attainable feel. I don’t go seeking out wildly spiritual or divinely inspired experiences because they can be spattered into here and now, contained in this life I live in my humble apartment, at the park where we walk our doggie, in the little town and with our family. This keeps me sane, grounded and humble not sprinting off wildly into grasping for meaning.

Yoga teaching has allowed me to find beauty in others as well. Some who know me have called me a social butterfly while others wouldn’t know that because I have hermit like tendencies. Living with the intention to help others through a class and making that the highlight of my day has drawn a scale of satisfaction much humbler than I have been accustomed to since late teens early 20s. And fighting that change all the winter long has caused no end of doldrums and needless suffering. Totally gives meaning to the “life is a process not an event”.

I have decided to post this entry full of “I” not to broadcast a self-centered plight but hope that others can relate. Getting through any period of adjustment (moving countries, changing careers and home) can be traumatic. But the scale of a change that begets the beginning of a rocky part in your life does not matter because the scale will be relative to each person. Just know that even if you don’t feel strong or able to welcome each day, there is a way to cope. It’s called reaching out for what is there and not letting your gaze waver. Embrace what is, for there IS nothing else.



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