Well hello there, you big reject!

People will tell you no, a lot. And they will be wrong. The complicated part of them being wrong is they’re only wrong in your reality. In their path, in their reality they are right. So how can we all exist in this polarity of rights and wrongs?

Rejection! The sling shot rebound theory. Someone has an idea, goal etc they are aiming for. They take aim, put energy into pulling back the sling shot and see the target in the distance. But the target has other ideas, it either has will to move or an outside force moves it and all the effort gone into the sling shot aiming and firing for naught. Yet there’s the rebound, the item shot from the sling shot will hit something else and rebound back. It was rejected – whatever idea or goal is coming back to you. Will you let it go or remold it? Or maybe you’re the target and you also have a sling shot that you’re aiming at something else. How the heck can we all just line up and get our S*** together for once?

Rather than giving in to rejection, be like a catcher in a baseball game, open glove, ready stance for what is coming. The batter may swing and miss and the impact of the baseball into the glove felt readily. Or the batter can connect, knock it outta the park and the crowd goes wild. Does the catcher just sit there, hoping for many faceless batters to miss? How can you project that much hopeful negativity onto so many independent beings? Stay involved in your purpose and strive forward.

You’re a reject and then you’re not. And then you are. And then voila, you’re NOT!



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