Ready, set sweat!

I have decided to take advantage of one of the introductory offers available at Yotopia London.

For £35 you get a 10 day class pass. So the weekend of June 7-9 I will be in London enjoying my favorite kind of yoga, hot yoga. This is where the lines blur between a teacher’s own practice and what he or she may not indulge in teaching to his or her students. A long time ago I learned not to mix business with pleasure… and it’s purely pleasure to sweat out all the body’s yuckies and feel completely shattered/relaxed and grounded after some hot yoga. I haven’t been able to do any since being back in Michigan in February.

I have also decided to open up the opportunity to current Soul Flow Vinyasa Yoga students or those in the Colchester area interested in partaking of this deal.

Instructions are as follows:

1) Visit the prices and packages link and click buy nowPicture 32) Enter in your credit/debit card information

3) You’ll be brought to Yotopia online that looks like this:

Picture 4

4) You can search for classes by date and book for the ones you want. If your earliest booking is 7th June then the system will allow you to book unlimited til 17th June.

Send me an email if you would like to join! You can take the same classes as me, choose ones that suit your fancy and come join for a nice weekend in London summer time.



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