The day to be different

Lately I have been making a few choices that, upon waking the next day, have made me wish the choice hadn’t been made. I am okay with the idea of living without regret, but that depends on the scale of the choice. Say for example I have goal A, and it stays with me, inspires and uplifts me, but habit A is getting in the way of accomplishing goal A. What to do?

The other day I read a quote in Facebook that a yoga studio I follow posted. It says that people who usually talk a lot about a problem have something profound to learn. For me, a habit has become a problem and if I don’t reign it in I won’t be able to grow more profound and accomplish goal A mentioned above.

I talk from time to time in a yoga class to students about letting go. I have let go of a lot, but am at a precipice. Attachment as we know causes suffering. And why would you stay attached to something stands in the way of wellbeing? For me it’s fear of failure and fear of the discipline commitment requires. I urge myself (when I come back to read this at a later date) to get over the idea that you will fail. Because you’re already failing by letting the habit stay center and the goal fade into the background.

Let today be the day you become better. Be different.





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