No tradition and no teacher

Enjoy a 3-4 minute informative monologue by Seane Corn about Vinyasa Flow

“It {Vinyasa Flow} claims no tradition and no teacher. It is open to all levels of experience and interest. It is certainly open to interpretation.”

With great freedom comes responsibility. As you grow in your vinyasa flow practice – wouldn’t it be beneficial to delve into the streams that feed into the vinyasa flow river?

One of my favorites is Hatha yoga. Many of the classes I teach are informed by a Hatha yoga approach. What type of yoga calls to you? Is it only siddhana of asana (practice of postures?) Are you even interested in other types?

Fair questions to get below the superficial level of your discovery. Follow along the fun with us by liking SoulFlowVinyasaYoga on Facebook. Namaste.




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