Prey tell




This morning up at crack of dawn to get wrist X-Rays. Have been dropping stuff lately, and having problems weight bearing and fully extending my fingers/hands. If that doesn’t concern someone who considers herself a ‘yoga biz hobbyist’ then I don’t know what should. It has helped me make amendments to my home practice, though, that I hope to share with students.

My poor little puggle, Lucy. Today she was minding her own business out in the back yard and a HAWK swooped down and tried to snatch her. It didn’t injure her, and our “big, tough” poodle mix Ella ran over to rescue her. She does the adorable under bite sad face when she’s distressed. She got cuddles, a treat, and a nap. Then we got good news! The Frisbees we’d ordered arrived from Ebay and I thought, “Well, let’s go to their favorite field and try them out!” A mysterious gust of wind appeared out of the hill and blew the shiny new frisbee to the tippy top of the tallest tree in the field. I looked at it, looked at the wagging tails of the furbabies, and turned right around and went home. It gets better. About once in a blue moon, I suffer from mysterious allergic swollen lip. My bottom lip is so swollen right now that I’m dribbling water out my lip. It’s beautiful. I decided, “you know what? No worries. Let’s dry the dishes and get the kitchen sorted.” Daintily picking up one of our beer fest commemorative pint glasses, (with dainty, yoga grace I promise!) it shattered into a million pieces all over the floor.

It’s been a game of 52 pick up and the pick up is all on me. Life happens this way. Large birds of prey swoop from the sky, frisbees land in trees, body parts age and need to be treated accordingly, dishes break, and with them, the visual reminder of wonderful memories, lips go swollen and make you look ridiculous. Every time this STUPID STUPID STUPID things happened, I wanted to crawl within myself and pull a blanket over my head (you may find it no big deal- that’s fine, but you and I vibrate on different wavelength capacities for stupid BS – and that is another post all together). Instead of pulling the mental blanket over my head and cancelling my online teaching lessons all together, I emailed my supervisor and asked if there was anything else I could help with. She said yes we have an extra lesson today, would you like it? I did- and the student for whatever reason did not turn up. I am still compensated for my time, and can sit here and pound away at my personal blog keyboard.

Man, sometimes hitting these keys feels like therapy. More than anything, more than the feeling of how all these silly lil happenings occurring within a few hours of each other has made me feel, I want to record this for posterity so there’s humor lingering once the stress has dissolved. Think of something that stressed you out, but later, brought you closer to someone or provided a funny story. How boring would life be if we were never challenged, and even more boring if, we did indeed put our head under that blanket and hide from the experience?

I’m gonna go cuddle Lucy now. And force myself to laugh. You know, one of those ridiculous throaty laughs that sound fake, but make your face soften? And I will whisper to Lucy, “So, did you tell that hawk where to go and how to get there?” Because that is what I tell my worries.



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