Soul Food and Soul Flow Vinyasa Yoga blog exchange challenge

Last week I had the fortune of being invited to a likes ladder by Bizi Colchester. It’s a closed group that every Monday invites its local business members to share their page, get likes, and receive likes in return. After experiencing the good vibes and support, I decided to try and post something similar in the Yoga Teachers UK group. Within minutes it got great results- and the participants seemed eager and excited about connecting. Well, one gets what one gives, and UK Yoga Likes Ladder was the result of that interlude. It’s an open group on Facebook where you share your page, the members like it, and you like all the other members pages back. Simple approach. “Good social networking karma.” After only a week we’re up to 150 members, ideally helping some just getting established pages grow their audience overnight. It’s been good fun, too.

Fodder for more ideas- like a preschooler with playdough- my mind couldn’t rest in those few days. I threw the idea out there to have a blog exchange under a certain premise. Avik Mitra of Yoga Soul Food signed on to participate. We had a great time perusing each other’s blog and offering a response and a challenge. Here is what he had to say on my post “A Year of Pratyahara”. (Published with permission).

  • Hi Alexis 

    So before I even get into your blog I’d like to mention how much you have inspired me by setting up the UK yoga like ladder. It is a very selfless action to ultimately reward our individual egos by getting more likes on Facebook pages! It’s such a beautiful idea and a lovely way of connecting yogis from around the country. I bet some solid future connections and friendships will be made just from starting up this page and hopefully ours will be one of those!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog about Pratyahara. For me it’s really important to teach from and bring in yoga philosophy and the 8 limbs, otherwise yoga can really end up going down the route of only being a physical practise and little more than an exercise class. Talking about it on your site and blogs allows your students to see what yoga is really about and also talking about your own experiences helps them to connect with you more. I also loved the quote from Lao Tzu; I’ve never seen that one before. 

    With your blog in mind I would like to give you a challenge for the next 30 days. I challenge you to practise the fish posture (Matsyasana) daily, specifically keeping your awareness on the heart and throat chakra. Because as this posture opens the heart and throat chakra, I want you to keep in mind Pratyahara and see what thoughts, ideas or challenges arise, maybe even keeping it in a log or journal. Good luck and Namaskar.


    I am looking forward to taking up the challenge offered by Avik. I encourage any yoga teacher to get involved in a positively reinforcing yoga blog exchange and challenge. I have found it to be uplifting, simple, nonthreatening, and fun. I will be doing another one in the future- I can’t wait to connect with the next participant. I will be keeping a log of my journey on this one. And I also look forward to when Avik publishes my commentary on his blog, which you find here “Yoga Soul Food”.


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