I like linking ongoing, seemingly intangible progress with grounded life events. I have always considered that a part of the humanity of humans – marking passing of time and needing to know “what it’s all about.” Tittibhasana is a yoga pose that I looked at for the first time about two years ago in awe. Like some kind of Olympic gymnast goddess these Instagram and other social media heroines demonstrated it. How was I to know the endurance, physiology, mental clarity and overall yogic unity demanded by attempting this asana? I can “do” it now – technique is being honed, expression of freedom through striking and holding this soaring, aerodynamic arm balance being reveled in. Just like feeding a beast – there is always more need. I used to begrudge my incapacity to just “be cool and content” with a milestone. There is an aspect of yoga that teaches being content – but getting too dogmatic, it can stifle growth. If I had been content after every achievement I would not be so focused. That good old voice inside, if not the ego pushing its harmful agenda, can help you sail through to humble, fun, and celebratory life events. In a way I am focused on being content, but that contentment comes with accepting my humanistic need to strive forward and make records of what it is I’m doing here. Feel beautiful, feel focused.

“All I know about us is that beautiful things never last – that is why fireflies flash.” -Ron Pope


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