Using items in your home begets a safety focused, inquisitive aspect of yoga. Well I am attached to my soft, rich brown love seat. Spending some time there with a change in perspective decompressed my spine and improved blood flow/ circulation to head and upper body. Bottom of spine is supported on seat, keep chin in toward throat to protect skull and balls of feet kissing, hips soft in supta baddha konasana .

20130318-035841 PM.jpg

Alternatively, the version of setu bhandasana I prefer in my own practice. Tipsy? Bring tips of elbows inward toward one another, settle hips/pelvis well in heels and center of palms, inwardly rotate hips/thighs push big toe mounds together. Flex knees engage quads. Similar to tadasana legs and you’re not even grounded with feet… Don’t forget your yoga locks and open heart area.

20130318-040259 PM.jpg


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