Dream it. Live it. Get cape. Wear cape. Fly.

Husband is washing the dishes. He turns and looks at me. “I was just thinking about when we were still living in Korea and [all this] was a dream. It might not be exactly how you pictured, but it’s good.”

How lovely.

He means…a house in the country, two lil doggies (WHICH doggies are another story), being able to work from home as well as yoga part time. Being located in England near some family. Our central point from which to travel. (That, also, has taken some turns).

There will always be a dream, and it will always manifest somehow. Staying centered enough to be anchored in gratitude for what manifests, and flexible, humorous enough to move with the shifts beget by choices and immovable circumstance- that is living.

I think of it like this for now. I’m walking down a path in the woods or a field. I wear what has passed behind me like a cape. I can feel it whispering, I can feel its presence hanging on my shoulders and around my neck. No matter how I turn, the cape will always elude me. So I must not look back. I must enjoy its presence, feel that it is there, and keep going. It will not drag me down, this cape of experience. I have much to run to, much to pass through, much more to dream and live. How do you think the one with the cape can fly? He had to experience getting the cape first. 




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